Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowy Day Energy Busters for your Littles- Valentine's Day Edition

Last December, I made a little playlist with Christmas themed activities to help us shake out the wigglies on our snowed-in days.  My girls loved it so much they still begged to keep doing it.   I thought it was time to put away the Christmas festivities and make some Valentine's Day themed activities set to music.  Enjoy!  This kept us busy all morning!  

You will need:
Scarves or tape you can put on the floor
Stuffed Animals (yay!  they will actually play with them!) 
Hearts cut out of construction paper (10-12)
A basket to collect hearts

Heart Jump
Love me Do- Beatles
Lay some scarves on the floor so they look like a heart (or you can put tape on the floor- blue painter's tape works best.)  Try to balance and walk along the edges of the heart.  Jump in, jump out, 3 steps in, 3 steps out, march in march out.  Play it hokey-pokey style and pick parts to put in and out. 

Yes.  We still have our pajamas on.  And Yes.  Sadie is dressed like Tigger.  She needed some bouncing inspiration. 

Dance Party
I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston
Have a crazy dance party. Need some inspiration for some sweet moves?  Watch this awesome 80's music video.  It will inspire you to dance- with somebody who looooooooooves you!  You can also dance with your scarves and twirl them to make heart shapes in the air. 

Crazy Love Jumping Jacks
Crazy Love- Beyonce  (sorry for the picture...I tried finding one where Beyonce is a little more appropriately clad to no avail, but it was better than the videos of her shaking her thang on stage.) 
Do jumping jacks, but instead of clapping your hands at the top, turn your hands inward to make a heart shape, or put them in front of your body like a hug.  Pace yourself, mamas...this song is 4 minutes long.

Molly, Queen of Drama and lover of posing. 

In My Heart
You'll be in My Heart- Phil Collins
Stand a few feet outside of the scarf heart.  Throw your construction paper hearts and see how many you can get to land inside.  Or stand inside the heart, throw hearts up in the air and see how many hearts land inside.  Collect.  Repeat. 

And Lead me Anywhere
Teddy Bear- Elvis
Take a scarf and tie it around the neck of a teddy bear (or horse) and drag it all over the house like a lunatic.  Don't worry...we'll make it up to him in the next activity.

You Bet Your Pretty Neck I Do!
A Bushel and Peck- Doris Day
Take your child's stuffed animals and put them all around the house- upstairs, downstairs, on the couch, in the kitchen, etc.  Have your children go around and spread some love!  When you find a stuffed animal, give it a squeeze and a kiss (and tell them you're sorry for dragging them around).  Try to find and collect them by the end of song.

Scavenger Heart Hunt
L-O-V-E- Glee cover
Same idea...hide your cut-out hearts over and try to find them all by the end of the song.  My girls LOVE any kind of scavenger hunt.

Catch Me!
You're the One That I Want- Grease
Run, run, run.  You're the one that I want!  Take turns running away and catching.  When you catch your rowdy little bundle, give them a big hug, kiss, and tickle (and call them, Honey, of course.)

Boo!  I love you! 
I just called to say I love you- Stevie Wonder
My girls love to jump out and "scare" each other.  For this activity, take turns hiding and instead of jumping out and saying "boo!"  say, "I LOVE YOU!"  Giggling is sure to ensue.  (Covering up with blankets and pillows counts as a "hiding spot" at the Benson house.) After the song is over, call someone up and say "I love you!"  just because. 

Hope this helps get you through some rainy, snowy, or can't-leave-the-house days.  If you have any other songs or activities we should add, we would love to hear them!