Friday, October 17, 2014

Meet 2 new members of the Sheep Farm Felt team!

If you have been following our newest products listed on our Etsy site, you may have noticed a new member of our team popping up now and again.

I would like to formally introduce you all to Felton (name suggested by Lisa....THANK YOU!!!):

I would love to say that I selected him out of a vast array of our stuffed animal collection, but he just happened to be on Molly's bed one day when I was using it for a photo shoot.   The fact that he is just perfect for his new position is serendipitous.

I love that his feet look like little wet felted balls, he has some color, but is neutral enough to not be distracting from my garlands, and he has the sweetest little expression on his face.  It also happens to be one of the few stuffed animals that we have that belonged to our sweet Josiah.  (If you don't know the long story of Josiah....he was our foster son who lived with us for the first 22 months of his life.  He has since been adopted by his grandparents.  I sent most of his toys along with him to his forever home, but I kept this one because it was special to me, and Molly has a matching one that was given to them by their Aunt Sheree.)  I just love that I have a piece of Josiah still left in our home, and the fact that I get to play around with his little toy almost everyday makes my heart happy.   

I've also found that Felton is quite the cooperative little guy for wearing costumes.  Girly costumes, superhero costumes, silly costumes...he doesn't seem to mind.  And I happen just to love making them for him to match the themes of my its a win win.....   

As a fun little campaign for my shop,  I am taking daily photos of him on Instagram.  Which leads me to the introduction of my other NEW MEMBER!  

I've known for a while that I wanted to be on Instagram and be able to share photos of sample colors with my clients without the whole process of take photo with photo....edit photo....send photo.  I am not much of a technology snob (I have a trac phone that isn't even charged half the time.)    I didn't really need a smart phone (nor do I deserve one with my track record of knowing where it is, keeping it charged, and knowing where the charger is, etc.)  This is my first ianything.  My ipod touch 5th generation.  I don't have a name for it yet...maybe you can suggest one!  

I love it so much for business, and I'll tell you why:  

1- It is connects to the internet Wifi which means I don't need to buy a $50 a month cell phone plan...because honestly, I'm home most of the time (or atleast somewhere with Wifi.)  

2- While I'm not much of a smart phone person, I know that my clients are (most purchases are through the etsy app, not the website.) I wanted to be able to know what my site looks like on an isomething.

3- 5 megapixel camera...while I still haven't been able to master the cell phone camera as much as the DSLR, I am having fun with it- on Instagram, and just being able to photos throughout the day.  

4- THE ETSY APP.  Oh MY GOODNESS.  The world of Apps is amazing (hello, 2009)  and the etsy app has helped me to be a better Mom and artist in the studio.  I can finally stop running back and forth to my computer all day to check my stats.  Because the app has notifications, I can hear when someone has messaged me or if I've made a sale.  (The sale sound is a loud CHA-CHING and I'm like pavlov's dog when I hear it.  It makes me extrememly happy.)  I'm so thankful I can still be a good business woman and get back to my clients right away to answer their questions- without having to tell my kids, "WAIT...I just have to go check etsy really fast..."  

If you would like to follow Felton's adventures on istagram, my instagram is:  

I would also LOVE for you to share any photos you may have of my products with the hashtag:  #sheepfarmfelt

Thank you, friends, for following my crazy adventure as an etsy entrepreneur, and for all being so sweet and supportive.  :)  

Hi, I'm Felton, and I like warm hugs!

 You can see my Etsy shop HERE. 


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