Sunday, December 8, 2013

Toddler Chrismas Snowy Day Energy Busters

I recently came across a wonderful blog post about getting some energy out of cabin-fever toddlers with some fun Christmas themed activities.  On the post there is a PDF file to download of all the signs for the activities.  I printed them off, glued them to some construction paper and tacked them around the room to make different dance stations.  My girls LOVED this.  I found some song on YouTube for each activity, and since I wanted a nice tidy place to keep them all stashed, I thought I would dust off the blog a bit and put them here.  I'll try to take some pictures of what these all look like, but we were having so much fun, I didn't want to spoil any fun by dragging the camera out (plus I was holding my 2 month old for most of it.)      

Image from Toddler Approved

 Run Like a Gingerbread Man
Run, Run Rudolph by Bryan Adams
 Run run run around the house (as fast as you can't catch me!)  

Tip toe like elves
from the Nutcracker
(shhhhh!  You don't want any creatures stirring!)

Slide down the chimney like Santa
Santa Clause is Coming to Town by Mariah Carey
Climb up the stairs and slide down on the steps on your bottom (just like Santa slides down the chimney).  

Reindeer kicks
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
This was supposed to be kicking, but for us it turned into crawling, eating, sleeping, dancing, etc. like reindeer.  

March like a Nutcracker
from the Nutcracker
March to the beat! 

 Hop over Candy Canes 
Candy Cane Lane by Point of Grace
I used a couple of scarves and put them on the floor in the shape of candy canes and had the girls hop over them.  SOOO fun! 

Christmas Tree Jumping Jacks
Sorry for the Zumba video, but I liked the music :)  
Make your arms pointy like a Christmas tree and do jumping jacks. Watching a 2 year old do this was quite entertaining. 

Teddy Bear Crawl
The Grinch
Was supposed to be crawling like a bear and again, ended up eating, sleeping, playing, roaring, etc. like a bear.  

Glide Like a Penguin
Snowflake (this video is so cute!)
Get some socks on a slide on the hardwood.  Our penguin excursion turned into some waddling with some arm flapping.  Fun times.  

Choo-Choo Train
We Need a Little Christmas by Glee
This includes some marching and arm pumping like a conductor.

I hope this inspires you to get moving and have some quality time with the littles.  Thank you Toddler Approved for the great post!  I can't wait to do this again tomorrow!  (and hopefully get some pictures!) 

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