Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inspiration - Out Like a Lamb

I LOVE inspiration days!  I have scoured the internet searching for some inspiring tutorials, crafts, patterns, and art for this lamb-y post.  

1.  ADORABLE!  Make your own little lamb pull-toy using this tutorial.
2.  Did you purchase a lamb ornament at our Lamb Celebration Day?  Add her to a mossy terrarium.  (There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make these low-maintenance moss-covereed lovelies.  Here's a great one to check out.  Also, if you need more lambs, you can purchase one from our shop.)
3.  I was so sad when I pinned this awesome sock lamb, and it didn't have a link!  I looked everywhere for the original post, but couldn't find it anywhere.  I kept it in the group since it's so cute, and if you've ever made a sock monkey, you could probably figure out how to make a lamb from the picture.
4.  Here's a free pattern for knitting this cute sheep!
5.  I cannot get enough of this illustration!  Mary's perfect in her 1920's attire, and the colors and art deco trees just make my heart happy. This illustration is the work of Jennie Harbour (1920), and can be purchased printed on paper or canvas from the link above.
6.  Sweet, itty-bitty (3.5 inch tall) lamb pattern available for purchase here.  GAH!  I love her!
7.  Vintage embroidery pattern with a chick on it's head!  Sheepy vintage love!
8.  Exceptionally talented, Elsa Mora, created this adorable papercut of Mary and her little lamb.
9.  The Purl Bee is my go-to place for free craft ideas and sewing, crochet, and knitting patterns online.  They did not disappoint with this soft knit bauble lamb tutorial.



  1. So sweet! What is it about lambs that is just so sweet? I'm trying to pick a favorite, and I just can't. Maybe the itty bitty lamb...or the bauble lamb pillow...or the Jennie Harbour print...

  2. The Jennie Harbour print is my favorite!!!! I'm kinda crushing on 1920's fashion right now (thanks to Downton Abbey) and with shepherding in our lineage, I can't help but love it!