Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's not easy being green - Inspirations

As my Mom stated in Monday's post, we are not a bit Irish.  And, as she also mentioned, not being Irish does not stop us one little bit from celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  Here are some inspirational ideas for your St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

From upper left to right...
1.  Paulette from Beedeebabee crafted this adorable felt shamrock.  So cute!!

2.  Since you can't have corned beef and cabbage without potatoes, check out this awesome way to grow your own potatoes (upwards of 25 lbs per potato tower!) using metal fencing.  (You know I can't write a post about "green" without adding some gardening!)

3.  Kristol has a TON of awesome crafty ideas on her site (The Magic of Ordinary Things) including this St. Patrick's Day rag wreath.

4.  OK....some more gardening....and an awesome cause!  Check out this self- watering and self-fertilizing "keyhole" garden.  Ingenious!  (Plus, the Valhalla Project is an amazing 200-acres in the Ozark Mountains providing a "safe, productive, living and working opportunity" to build, farm, and assist with energy projects for post 9-11 soldiers.)

5.  This is the cutest little shamrock barrette tutorial ever!  Wouldn't these also look cute strung together on some green and white baker's twine?

6.  We have a very strict "no sugary cereal for breakfast" rule around here, but I might actually let my boys eat Lucky Charms for St. Patrick's Day because of this.  The 36th Avenue put together this breakfast treat, with free "You are my lucky charm!" print-outs. 

7.  Jesse is convinced that leprechauns exist for the simple fact that there was "green pee" in the toilets at school after lunch last year on St. Patrick's Day.  (Per Jesse, "Ms. Gump does not pee green pee, Mom!  So leprechauns must be real."  I love that kid!!)  Check out some more great ways to liven up your work or living space.

8.  And if leprechauns do exist, I'm sure they'd live in a place that looks like this.  (This doll house is a gorgeous, intricate labor of love!  Please take a minute to check out how she made it....really incredible!)

9.  This chicken coop/garden idea is so smart!  Chickens help fertilize your garden and eat your garden pests.  


  1. As always, Amy, your inspiration posts are so inspiring. I love the little clovers and the idea to make a bunting out of them. And that little house in a tree is WAY too cute.