Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspiration - In Like a Lion

That's right, on Friday it will be March 1st, supposedly the most Lion-ish part of the month.  Why not celebrate this lion-like month by making a kite?  Youtube shows how to make many styles, but here is an easy one.

I just had an inservice in school that said that children now spend on the average of 7.5 hours in front of some sort of screen each day.  Kite flying is a wonderful way to get outside and feel the wind and watch it in action.  Try making different styles of kites and see which flies the best.

I have been in the mood to celebrate recently.  In the past week we had over 300 people come to meet lambs at our farm on Lamb Celebration Day and Lamb Celebration Day (the sequel).  This week we got to 200 "Likes" on Facebook and over 1,400 people have viewed the pictures from that day.  I do like a good celebration, so why not celebrate March and have a kite party?  Here is a great site that did just that.

Do kids even do this anymore?  What fun!
And a cake to keep the celebration going!
My very good friend Barbi Harris made a quilt for my youngest daughter, Robin, when I was pregnant with her.   Because she was supposed to be born in March, Barbi meticulously appliqued a kite on the quilt.  Robin decided to be born in April instead, but the quilt commemorates that Robin always does things when she is ready, and we have a beautiful quilt to prove it.  

Whether you have a kite party, make a kite quilt, cake, or just remember to celebrate each day for what it is, even try to enjoy the "lion" part of March.

P.S.  Robin's working on a really fun project that took a little longer than expected, so she'll share her how-to on Saturday!  

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  1. It's true. I tend to march to the tick of my own clock. ;o) I love this post, Mom. I love the idea od having a kite party! I'm going to keep that in mind for when it gets just a wee bit warmer.