Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Craft for Kids: Sending a Warm Cup

In the words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, "When people are upset, the cultural convention is to bring them hot beverages."

Compassion and kindness are something that I hope to instill in both of my girls.  We have lots of tea parties where they learn to pour and share and have deep conversations over invisible beverages.

While we're stuck inside and have very few people to offer real cups of air to (other than Lambie) I thought it would be fun to send someone a warm cup of love through the mail.  

Draw a mug shape on a piece of construction paper.

Decorate any way you want to....markers, crayons, paint, glue things on, stickers, etc.  This is also a good way to use up any former paintings or works of art that are no longer being fully appreciated.  (Just draw a mug on it and cut it out.)  

She loved coloring...really. 

Cut mug out, along with three more sheets of paper underneath.  (I had to go back and cut out one more.)
Staple together.

Measure the width of tea bag or pouch of hot chocolate, and cut a slit to fit the bag. 

Put tea bags into slots and tape to secure. 

Glue edges.
And write in the card. 

Add a personalized tea bag with yarn and construction paper. 
You can send hot chocolate along with a bag of marshmallows, apple cider, coffee beans....whatever you want.   Maybe you know a friend who is sick or having a rough week at work, or maybe someone who is experiencing some really cold winter weather where they live.  Who do you know who would enjoy a mug card? 

And if you're looking to send someone some real mug love, today is the last day to join our mug swap!  I'll be emailing everyone tonight (9:00 EST) with the address of your recipient.  You will have until next Friday (Feb. 1st) to send your mug.  Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in your address so far.  We have had over 15 participants and we would love to see more!  Please share on facebook, twitter, or instagram to get the word out!  

You never know....sometimes all it takes is a warm cup and a, "There, there" to make someone's day.  

Join us Monday as we share more recipes, inspirations, and tips on our next theme:  
A Good Book.      

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  1. I love this idea so much, thank you for sharing. You are right, this is certainly something to warm anyone's heart! :)