Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Inspirations- A Good Book, A Quiet Book

    I absolutely LOVE this picture, the detail of all of the characters jumping out of the book, the giant cup of tea, the goose trying to figure out where the little sheep came from and of course the hat, just makes me want to start telling you about each and every character.  I feel like I know them all (and the ones that I don't know quite as well I would love the opportunity to make up the details).  A cup of tea, a lovely hat and a good book.  Life is good.

  So often, between TV, video games, and computer generated entertainment, I worry that children are not given enough opportunities to nurture their own imaginations that God has gifted them with.  As I was searching for inspiration for this topic and needing it to inspire you as well, a stumbled across Quiet Books on Pinterest.  You can do your own search, but here are some that I found that make me just want to get off the computer and start making some for the special children in my life.
 Before the era of smart phones and iPads, the Quiet Book was used to keep little hands, eyes, and minds busy, with the intent of keeping little mouths quiet.  Pages on the Quiet Book are tactile, colorful, and interactive.  They can be quilted, glued, sewn, made out of fabric, felt, beads, and range from simple to highly intricate.  They can encourage many fine motor skills such as snapping, buckling, zippering, weaving, and tying.  Kids can also work on matching, dressing, counting, and sorting skills.  I would like to encourage you to take a look at some of these very talented Quiet Book makers, and hopefully be inspired to try make one for a pair of little hands that you know.
Quiet book baking

lots of fun ideas for quiet books

a magnetic quiet book

Build a sandwich

a free quiet book template

Quiet counting book

Noah's Ark Quiet book with free template
~By Niki (posted by Megan)  :o) 

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  1. These are all great! I want to add quiet books to my to-do list! I especially like the armor of God and the pie baking pages. Very clever! Thanks for sharing!