Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Inspiration: A Warm Cup

Cause really...don't we all need a little inspiration in the middle of the week?

Here are a few little treats of various kinds to get you thinking warm, cozy thoughts...

Awesome Mugs

This is my favorite mug.  Well, mine has an "r" on it, but you get the idea.  They are exactly the right size and shape to wrap your fingers around.  They are sturdy but not too heavy.  And they hold a lot of something hot and delicious.  You can find them here, which just happens to be a link to Anthropologie, which just happens to be where I would shop exclusively if I had unlimited funds.  They have a wide selection of really wonderful mugs, some of which fall into the "teacup" variety if that's more your...cup of tea.  But for me, this is the perfect mug.  And it is only $8.00.  Seriously.  EIGHT DOLLARS!  At Anthropologie, that will usually buy you...half a button?  But instead you can spend only $8 for the perfect mug.  To you, the consumer, I say, "You're welcome." And to you, Anthropologie at large, I say, "I expect a hefty endorsement check and also a gratuitary shopping spree."

Warm Drinks
  • Starbucks Copycats:  The holidays have passed, but our need for deliciously flavored warm beverages has not.  Here is a link to a pretty little image of several recipes including Gingerbread Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and the illustrious Peppermint Mocha.
  • Nutella Latte:  Nutella makes the world a better place.  And this recipe just has milk, nutella, and coffee.  What else could you possibly need?
  • Hot Chocolate: Here is a lovely little compilation of 5 different hot chocolate recipes, including one for my new favorite warm treat--salted caramel hot chocolate.  Mmm...
  • Best Teas Ever: All 4 Giberson girls are partial to The Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach.  Another of my favorite's is Eastern Shore's Cupid's Arrow Tea.  It's a blend of Cherry, Vanilla, and Almond, and it is just divine.  Actually, I've never been disappointed with any of Eastern Shore's teas.  You can find a lovely selection of them here.
  • Yummy Flavored Coffees:  If you're more of a coffee drinker, allow me to recommend Cook's Corner in Smithville, NJ.  They roast the most delicious flavored coffees.  If you are local, definitely pop in, if for nothing else than to sample the heavenly aromas.  But even if you're not in South Jersey, you can order their coffee online!

Amy put together a lovely little tutorial in yesterday's post about how to make those sharpie mugs that are popping up all over pinterest.  Here is a little additional inspiration to get you even more excited about participating in our Mug Swap.  (Note:  You do NOT have to make or decorate a mug to participate.  But you just might get a mug that looks like this:)

Check out this blog for a step-by-step guide for these awesome Big Bang Theory mugs.

Or if BBT isn't your speed but you like the idea of doing a silhouette, check out Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss for some inspiration:

If you feel that something like this is beyond your creative reach, you could always do a movie or literary quote like Sarah Fritzler did here:

Why stop there?  Brooklyn Limestone made a whole set of Raven-themed dinnerware for a Halloween party:

Speaking of awesome sisters planned surprise pottery painting for my bachelorette party.  You may think that's weird, but it was absolutely perfect for me.  Each girl made a mug, plate, or platter to make a full set of Harry Potter dessert dishes. very me.  I would love to show you the whole set, but it is still packed from my move...back in October...because my kitchen is still in progress.  But I do have a picture of a pitcher I made to hold the butterbeer:

This would also be a great idea for a bridal shower or engagement party.  How sweet would a custom set of monogrammed dishes be?!?  Pottery painting studios are popping up all over.  I can highly recommend Glazed in Gloucester MA, Color Me Mine in Wheaton IL, and the little place in the shopping center across from the Galloway Library, whose name is currently escaping me and which I cannot seem to successfully google.  :o/

Anyway...we've gotten a little off-topic here.  Back to a warm cup, shall we?

Dress It Up
Perhaps you're in the mood to make something a little cozier than ceramics.  So how about some cozies?

  • Here's a pattern for a sewn cozy at Cosmo Cricket:

  • A pattern for a cable knit cozy at Paper Sensei:
  • And a pattern for a crochet cozy at Bubble Girl:

Well that about does it for me.  Anything you want to try?  How about a recommendation for a favorite tea or coffee?  Or a recipe for a special drink?  What inspires you to get out (or make or dress) a warm cup?


  1. Holy Cow, Robin. Inspiration overload. Nicely done! My favorite is the BBT mugs. Nice find :)

  2. Bah ha ha ha!!! The Big Bang Theory mugs made me spit out my tea this morning! I cannot wait to try the nutella latte. YUMMY!!! And Jared got that silhouette book for Christmas and it is AMAZING. I highly recommend it! Love you!!!!

  3. This was really great Robin. My head is spinning with almost too much inspiration.

  4. Holy Macadamia nuts, I love a fabulous tea cup! (Right now my two favorites have broken handles curtesy of my toddler, the gymnast.) I love this post and I love Harney and Sons tea....White Vanilla Grapefruit is my fav! :)